Welcome to Knife, Fork & Spade,

My name is Hester and I am so excited to share my little blog journey with you!
I originally am from the Netherlands, where I grew up and lived for 23 years. 
My life was turned upside down when I met, and fell in love with my true Aussie prince charming, Matt.
This little love story marked the start of a very special, intense, dynamic and life changing journey of leaving my home country and starting all over again in the land Down Under. Even though this journey has been difficult and challenging, it taught me so much. I guess every huge mountain we have to climb, are the journeys that shape us.

I now am a wife, a mother to a beautiful girl, a very enthusiastic cook and gardener.
Who would have thought that this Dutch city girl would be into all this! 
I absolutely love growing my own veggies. The fulfilment I get from going out in the garden of an afternoon and picking the veggies I am going to cook that night, sparked a desire for a self-sufficient, organic lifestyle for me and my family.
This desire is something I share with my husband, Matt. Both of us never had a green thumb before we met each other;  It’s amazing how married life changes you for the better!

Over the years we have read books, gained knowledge and experience by trial and error and we are now slowly on our way to fulfill our dreams for self-sufficient, organic living!
It’s important to us as a family to know what’s in the foods we eat. Growing our own food is fun, exciting, budget friendly and naturally asks for a healthy lifestyle. There is just something about a workout outside when turning the soil with a pitchfork. There is such fulfillment in being creative in cooking healthy meals for the family from the veggies we have grown and raised by hand from seed.

In December we have taken the step to buy our first home; An old Queenslander with character and potential to create a beautiful home and a safe haven for our little family. We are now in the process of transforming the house and the land into our own self-sufficient farm that accommodates several veggie patches, land for animals, chickens and that embraces the values and methods of permaculture and organic growing.

On this blog, you will find posts about motherhood, seasonal eating, recipe ideas, gardening, preserving, permaculture and self-sufficient living.  I hope this blog will inspire you and will take you on the journey with me when I embrace farm life to the fullest!

If you want to get in touch with me visit my Contact Page.

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